Acquired: December 2016

Exited: July 2017

IRR (actual): 339%

IMeasureU builds military grade motion data capture solutions, using the latest wearable technology. IMeasureU gives scientists, coaches, teams and athletes external and internal body load insights that go beyond GPS and heart rate to reduce injury risk and improve performance.


Acquired: March 2017

Sementis is using its proprietary Sementis Copenhagen Vector platform technology to generate a portfolio of innovative vaccine candidates for the prevention of allergies and infectious diseases.


Acquired: May 2017

Wellteq is one of the world’s most comprehensive and powerful employee wellness and engagement platforms.


Acquired: July 2017

Beacon Biomedical Inc. is a medical diagnostic device company developing a series of affordable and highly accurate blood tests capable of very earlier detection of the ‘big 3’ cancers: colorectal cancer, lung cancer and breast cancer.